Jupiter Alkaline Water Ionizer Accessories

Here are some of the popular accessories for the Jupiter Alkaline Water Ionizers.  If there is anything else you require that you can't find on our site, please feel free to give us a call toll-free at (877) 356-2508.

Dual Spout Water Ionizer Under Sink Kit

Double Spouted Faucet Water Ionizer Under Sink Kit

Many customers desire the luxury of installing their ionizer under the sink. In the past, only a single spouted faucet was available for the JP104 Melody, losing access to the simultaneously produced acidic water stream.

IonWays is proud to introduce a major revelation with the creation of a single control, double spouted and vented faucet (Patent Pending). This configuration allows for full access to the acidic water produced by the ionizer and installation is a snap. The kit comes with everything necessary for quick and easy installation. All that is needed is a 1-1/2" hole wherever you want the faucet to be located.

This faucet has no electric controls so access to the ionizer under the counter is still needed to change pH settings, adjust flow rate or check filter life indicator.

Polished Chrome
FloJet Bottled Water Dispensing System

FloJet Bottled Water Dispensing System

The Flojet BW1000A Bottled Water Dispensing System is designed to pump water from commercially available 3, 5, or 6 gallon water bottles and delivers the bottled water under pressure to your Jupiter water ionizer, to the water inlet of a refrigerator icemaker, other water tap or just about anything else you might need a fresh supply of water for.


  • Float switch for automatic shut-off when bottle is empty
  • Built-in check valve to prevent back flow
  • Universal seal cap fits most water containers
  • Compact size for easy mounting
  • 20 in. (6.1 m) discharge hose included
  • 3.5 ft (1 M) power cord with plug
  • Easy installation
Calcium Cartridge Inserts

Calcium Cartridge Inserts

These inserts will work with Jupiter water ionizers that have the optional calcium cartridge port. They are made from an organic vegan/vegetarian safe source and have added magnesium.

Fits the following machines:

John Guest Angle Stop Adapter Valve

John Guest Angle Stop Adapter Valve

3/8" Male × 3/8" Female × 1/4" Tube

The John Guest angle stop valve makes it possible to connect your water ionizer to your cold-water source without piercing the water line. Simply shut off your cold water valve to your faucet, disconnect the 3/8" compression fitting and install the valve in between the line going up to your faucet and the water source. Once it is installed simply insert your 1/4" tubing into the female connection and go from there. Great for people renting, you can take the fitting with you when you leave and there is no trace it was ever there.