Jupiter Alkablue DX, LX, VF

Jupiter Alkablue DX, LX, VF

All Alkablue models have been discontinued.  To check out current units for sale, please visit SnyderHealth.com.

Choose the filter that's right for you:

.1M Alkablue Filter
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.01M Alkablue Ultra
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What's the difference?
While the the .1M (micron) filter is usually all the filtering you would need for typical city-supplied municipal tap water, for those who have excessive sediment or other compounds in their water (for example, if you have a well and live near a fueling station or industrial farmland) you will probably want the extra filtering capability of the .01M (1/100th of a micron) ultra filter.  This is the same filtering capacity as a typical kidney dialysis machine (woah!).  The choice is yours... but, there's no need to spend the extra money unless you really need that extra filtering capability.

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