Jupiter Alkablue DX, LX, VF

Jupiter Alkablue DX, LX, VF

All Alkablue models have been discontinued.  To check out current units for sale, please visit SnyderHealth.com.

Choose the filter that's right for you:

.1M Alkablue Filter
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.01M Alkablue Ultra
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What's the difference?
Making the choice between the filters above is quite easy. First, you need to know whether you have "city supplied (municipal)" water, or "well" water.  If you have well water (a well below your house), then you should get the .01M AlkaBlue Ultra Filter which is designed for sediment and particulate removal. But, if you have city water that is full of treatment chemicals (like chlorine, chlormaine, etc) then you want to be sure to get the .1M AlkaBlue Filter which is better for treated city water. If you have city-supplied water, DO NOT get the .01M Ultra Filter, as it does not remove treatment chemicals.

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